Payroll Outsourcing

Orasis Infotech is one of the leading providers of technology and outsourcing solutions. Orasis combines its deep process expertise and best practices with best technology framework to deliver a comprehensive solution.

Human Resource is the most significant department of any organization, it needs to be very well organized. Orasis Team helps determine new processes based on our situational understanding of client business requirements. Its work across various industry verticals and several companies allows Orasis to standard current processes, help implement new processes, design and share best practices thus offering the organization with cost-savings, standardization of processes, increased speed and multi level audit controls. Orasis’s comprehensive suite of HR transactional services is specially designed for catering to the entire HR value sequence from hire to retire management. Orasis offers a fully-owned & managed platform based solution including pre-built global HR processes and industry frameworks. The technology platform solution becomes the single-stop company for HR executives & employees to tackle any of their related requirements.